Areas of Practice

Erkan Partners provides services within the framework of expertise in every field of law. Some of our fields of work are as follows:


Our office follows the arbitration cases at national and international level. In these cases, we provide services such as translation and interpretation of international conventions, preparation of arbitration petitions, correspondence with experts, witnesses, arbitration tribunals and arbitration centers, and attorneyship in national and international arbitrations.


We provide advocacy and consultancy services to national and international companies operating in the fields of electricity, natural gas, petroleum and renewable energy. In addition to the production and distribution activities carried out in these areas, we also provide the legal services required by our clients in the field of financing energy projects.

As Erkan Partners, we provide legal services to companies operating in the mining sector, in administrative phases and in the resolution of legal disputes. The legal services required by the clients are provided by experts in the field.
Some of the services we offer in mining law are as follows:

  • Obtaining mining licenses and permits;
  • Resolution of disputes arising from mining license;
  • Resolution of disputes arising from royalty contracts;
  • Filing an action for annulment and full remedy against administrative decisions regarding mining license areas;
  • Resolution of disputes regarding the process of obtaining the Environmental Impact Assessment Report.


Our services in the field of investment law consist of researching the legal ground for investment, making legally required applications and obtaining permits, preparing project documents, providing services after the implementation of the project and other services required in this field.


Erkan Partners provides the services required by commercial companies regarding corporate law in all processes, starting from the establishment phase.

Some of the services of our firm in the field of Corporate Law are as follows:

  • Providing all kinds of consultancy on corporate law within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code
  • Preparation and holding of company general assembly meetings
  • Preparation of board of directors decisions for joint stock companies
  • Preparation of Due Diligence in mergers and acquisitions
  • Providing all kinds of advocacy and consultancy services within the scope of the Capital Market Law

In the field of contract law, we prepare contracts for companies and natural persons, or arrange existing contracts in a way that provides the most advantageous legal protection.

A financial leasing contract is a type of contract that imposes certain obligations on the lessee and the lessor and is regulated by a special law in Turkish law. The lessor of the contract can be leasing companies, banks, participation banks, and investment banks.

In this contract, the obligations of the lessee are as follows:
• Using and benefiting from the leased,
• Using the leased asset with care and in accordance with its purpose,
• Carrying out all kinds of maintenance of the leased asset and protecting it,
• Bearing the maintenance and repair costs of the leased asset,
• Paying the leased asset’s insurance premiums,
• Not transferring the possession of the leased asset to someone else,
• Paying the rent.

In this contract, the obligations of the lessor can be counted as follows:
• Transfer of possession of the leased asset to the lessee,
• Providing the lessee with the opportunity to obtain all kinds of benefits on the leased asset,
• Insuring the leased asset for the duration of the contract,
• Not transferring the leased asset to another person.

Erkan Partners provides services in the preparation and revision of financial leasing contracts and other issues arising from leasing contracts.



With our experience in construction law, we provide our client companies with all the services they need, including international and public construction contracts, tenders, joint ventures and real estate purchase and sale.

Starting from the letter of intent stage of the projects, procedures such as obtaining administrative permits, preparing construction contracts and subcontracting contracts, reviewing and revising existing contracts, preparing the necessary legal documents on worker health and safety are meticulously carried out by our expert team.

In the field of real estate law, we provide all relevant services, including trading, long-term lease contracts, preparation of due diligence reports, and follow up ongoing cases on these issues. Our expert team also provides services in the stages of obtaining administrative and regulatory permits and preparing lease contracts.

Our team, including experts in labor law, provides first-tier labor and social security law advice and represents clients in complex labor disputes. 

Our services include:

  • Negotiation and preparation of employment contracts
  • Termination of employment relationships and related legal proceedings
  • Civil and criminal proceedings corcerning workplace accidents
  • Reemployment lawsuits
  • Lawsuits for violation of non-competition
  • Lawsuits regarding severance and notice pay
  • Lawsuits for determination of insurance
  • Social security lawsuits
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Preparation of legal documents within the scope of the Labor Law

In the field of Criminal Law, we provide legal services to our clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, especially the investigation and prosecution stages. The main areas we serve in the context of Criminal Law are as follows:

  • Crimes regulated in the Turkish Penal Code No: 5237
  • Crimes regulated in the Turkish Commercial Code No: 6102
  • Capital market crimes
  • White-collar crimes
  • Crimes arising from trademark infringement
  • Crimes resulting from the work accidents
  • Crimes resulting from the traffic accidents

Erkan Partners Law Firm provides services in the field of immigration law to foreigners who want to travel to, live or work in Turkey. Some of the services we provide in this field are as follows:

  • Visa, residence permit, work permit, humanitarian residence permit, international protection applications;
  • Consultancy at the stage of determining the legal reason for application according to the type of document to be applied,
  • Consultancy at the stage of collecting the necessary documents according to the application type,
  • Providing consultancy at the application stage and making the application whenever possible,
  • Filing a lawsuit against the decisions of the immigration authority.



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