About Us


Erkan Partners is an independent law firm based in Istanbul that provides advocacy and consultancy services to its local and foreign clients in the fields of national and international law. Attorneyship and consultancy services are provided within our office in cases before Turkish judicial authorities and arbitration.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers and academics. All of our team members have graduated from top law schools in Turkey.

We place client satisfaction at the center of our working principle and for this purpose we specialize in the sectors in which our clients operate. In this context, we work in newly developing areas as well as in traditional ones.



As Erkan Partners, our priority is to resolve the legal problems of our clients before they turn into lawsuits. However, disputes at the stage of lawsuit are carefully handled by our team.

Our office, which prepares a road map for each case in line with the opinions of academics who are experts in the relevant field, aims to conclude the cases in the most advantageous way for its clients.

Arbitration & Mediation

Mediation ensures that disputes are resolved before an independent and impartial mediator, within the framework of the win-win principle, with the joint decision of the parties.

Arbitration, on the other hand, is an alternative dispute resolution method that allows the parties to resolve the dispute through an arbitrator, instead of filing a lawsuit in state courts.

Our team is able to provide the highest quality of services in these processes, thanks to its members working in both academic and practical parts of mediation and arbitration.



Within the framework of the legal consultancy service provided by our office, legal analysis of the operation processes of the companies is made. In this analysis, legally risky issues are determined and legal solutions are developed in accordance with the nature of the company and the sector.

Within the framework of the consultancy service, the compliance of the company’s internal operation and external relations with the law is ensured. In this context, services such as the preparation of contracts to which the company is a party, the control of existing contracts and the preparation of legal opinions needed for commercial decisions are provided.

The main purpose of our legal consultancy service is to take precautions to protect the interests of our clients at the highest level and to minimize the legal disputes they will encounter.



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